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There’s a lot to be said for a low impact, where-it-counts-the-most workout that doesn’t hurt your joints, increases your endurance, shaves off inches…the list goes on and on.  Click here for details and check out one person’s experience:

“I could come up with another 50 reasons as to why I love Pure Barre, but the bottom line is that the results are indisputable. I have muscle definition I haven’t seen since high school. And for virtually every month I have taken classes, I have lost an inch off my body–from my hips, my waist, my arms, and my thighs. This is by far the most effective exercise program in which I have participated. You do the workout, you get results. And, the best part is, because it is low impact, I can do this everyday without worrying about any overuse injuries. I have had three knee surgeries, and when I started this, I was concerned about how frequently I would be able to take a class.

These results have resulted in a smaller jean size, but, more importantly, they have resulted in a huge boost in confidence. I’m proud of all the hard work that have gone into getting me where I am today.”